About the association

The Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists (SADA) is a voluntary, non-profit and nonpolitical organisation of professional drama artists. Established as a private legal entity, ZDUS (SADA) is an association serving the wider public interest.

Objectives and goals of the association

The objectives and goals of our professional association are:

  • To care for the development of theatre culture and dramatic art
  • To monitor legislation in the field of arts and the social protection of its members
  • To stimulate the quality of theatre profession
  • To establish contact with similar associations in Slovenia and abroad
  • To inform the members and the wider public about the problems of the profession
  • To guide our actions with a clear understanding of moral and ethical standards

ZDUS accomplishes its goals in the following ways:

  • As a member of the Slovenian Cultural Assembly, it works with its bodies and issues professional opinions on the applicants for the status of independent artists;
  • It monitors and assesses the situation in culture and the realisation of the National Programme for Culture, and gives opinions, initiatives and recommendations to the Ministry of Culture and other interested institutions;
  • It recommends members for the expert councils of public institutes that work in the field of performing arts;
  • It proposes candidates for national awards and other cultural awards ;
  • It honourably represents Slovenia and its culture, with a particular focus on Slovenian acting and theatre, in its international activities;
  • It provides professional help to its members as stipulated in its guidelines;
  • It protects the interests of theatre professions;
  • It works with the union to draft collective agreements between the representative union and the employers;
  • It provides professional training for its members, organises lectures, courses, consultations, debates and seminars;
  • It organises and encourages the exchange of theatre artists in Slovenia and abroad;
  • It publishes professional literature in accordance with the current regulations;
  • It gives opinions or recommendations for foreign artists working in performing arts who need to obtain Slovenian visas;
  • It organises and performs theatre plays and other cultural events;
  • It bestows to selected members annual ZDUS Awards;
  • It collaborates with the ITI – International Theatre Institute and administrates the Slovenian ITI Centre;
  • It keeps its retired members up-to-date with dramatic arts;
  • It coordinates with theatres to allow its members free admission to performances.

ZDUS Units

ZDUS is divided into units that operate within each Slovenian professional theatre. The units elect their representatives (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) for a period of four years. The Slovene Permanent Theatre in Trieste is also an equivalent member of ZDUS. The independent artists and retired members have their own ZDUS unit coordinated by the ZDUS secretarial services.

A ZDUS unit is not a legal body and has to operate in accordance with the statute of ZDUS. Its establishment is confirmed by the ZDUS General Assembly, to which it is responsible for its work.

President of the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists:
ddr. Boris Mihalj

Vice Presidents:
mag. Neda Rusjan Bric

Secretarial services:
Alen Jelen

Independent artists:
Uroš Potočnik

Retired members:
coordinated by the secretarial services

Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana
Iva Babić

Slovenian National Theatre Maribor
Eva Kraš

Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica
Andrej Zalesjak

Ljubljana City Theatre
Mojca Funkl

Mladinsko Theatre
Katarina Stegnar

Ljubljana Puppet Theatre (Aja Kobe)

Celje People’s Theatre
Manca Ogorevc

Prešeren Theatre Kranj
Miha Rodman

Slovenian Permanent Theatre in Trieste
Tadej Pišek

Koper Theatre
Coordinated from unit in Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica

Slovenian ITI Centre
Tatjana Ažman

Ptuj City Theatre and AGRFT (Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television)
coordinated by the secretarial services